The Reading Reformation Inc. was inspired by Meggan Williams, a woman with true vision. It was Meggan’s vision to see Melvin El’s program implemented in the public school system. Meggan’s husband, Cornelius Williams, is currently a partner with Melvin El and they thought it was best to go directly to parents. Meggan agreed it was important to get the program into the hands of parents, however, she also knew the difficulties teachers faced in a classroom with teaching children how to read. After convincing both Melvin and her husband of the severity of those problems, she partnered with Melvin and set up The Reading Reformation Inc.

Melvin El, the creator of the program, is a four-time national boxing champion who won the Olympic trials in 1988. Boxing taught him discipline, determination, and perseverance which were qualities that were reborn in him when he became a single father to his one-year old daughter after an untimely divorce. He began home schooling her and by the time she was four she was able to read the newspaper, recite all of her timetables and do triple digit addition and subtraction. After she was tested, she was placed in the second grade, which means she skipped three grades. Melvin, a certified reading teacher, has mentored and tutored inner city youth in academics, as well as sports. His skills as a motivational speaker have not only given him the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of people, but also in classrooms filled with young students eager to learn. Melvin is on an inspired mission to make education exciting and fun, utilizing music. He knows that when children are excited about learning, limitations are non-existent.